Happyr API

We provide a matching engine api to find the potential of your users.


The best way to understand an API is to try it yourself. Here is a list of the different API request available. There is also a "Sandbox" where you can make a request an see the response. What are you waiting for? Try the API.

Test your client

If you are building your own API client or just want to test your application, you may query demo.api.happyr.com. This is our sandbox endpoint. No authentication needed. But beware that matching score is random and that the data wil be resetted once in a while.


We use WSSE authentication. We have choosen WSSE because it is easy to implement and because it's a HTTP based authentication. Read about how you use WSSE here. If you are interested in how WSSE protects you from common security threads, we've written an article about it here.

More documentation

Getting started

If you are interested in using the API. Send an email to david[a]happyr.com